Deburring, Small Part Deburring, Edge Rounding

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DiscMaster SF

The DiscMaster SF is equipped with oscillating disc stations on the top and on bottom.These discs with flexible abrasive sanding strips rotate and oscillate over the workpiece. The inside and outside edges are processed from all angles and directions resulting in uniform edge rounding independent of the orientation of the cutting contours.

The Advantages

  • Top and bottom processing in one pass
  • Uniform 360° edge rounding independent of direction of contour
  • Adjustable grade of edge rounding
  • Possible to set abrasives below roller level
  • For laser-cut or punched parts
  • For flat or formed parts
  • For oxide removal
  • Very gentle on surface when processing zinc-coated or foiled parts
  • Low energy consumption
  • Silent processing
  • Very forgiving with differences in material thickness
  • Easy to use Touch Panel

The models

The Discmaster SF is available in two different models:

DiscMaster SF1/1: One oscillating disc station from top, one from the bottom, in 1000mm or 1500mm working width. This is the reasonable priced model for 360° top and bottom processing.When equipped with Smart-Flex sanding strips it is ideal for deburring/edge rounding formed parts, zinc-coated parts or foiled sheet metal - parts which are difficult for standard abrasive belt deburring machines. When equipped with stainless steel wire brushes the machine is ideal for 360° oxide removal in one pass.

DiscMaster SF 2/2: Two oscillating disc stations from top, two from the bottom, in 1000mm or 1500mm working width. For more pronounced edge rounding it is possible to use different grit sizes, e.g. grit 60 on the first and grit 80 on the second units.

When using Smart-Flex sanding strips on the first and stainless steel wire brushes on the second units the machine is ideal for edge rounding and oxide removal of laser cut steel parts in one pass.

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