Deburring, Small Part Deburring, Edge Rounding

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STN 300

The Löwer STN 300 is the advancement of the prooved previous model ST 300. Its designed for grinding or deburring sheet metal, hollow section and flat bar.


  • for grinding short work pieces, the belt conveyor can be changed very quickly to a belt conveyor with 90° stoppers - The smart idea for grinding short pieces
  • constant height of throughfeed, allows to use roller conveyors either infront or behind the machine
  • available with one or two grinding belt stations or with one grinding belt and one finishing station.

Optional extras

  • vacuum device to protect conveyor belt when processing thin parts
  • motorized height adjustment incl. automatic thickness adjustment
  • contact wheels in different shores with or without serrations
  • abrasive belts, abrasive nylon belts and brushes in various shores

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