Rotary Transfer

These machines are used for grinding, polishing, deburring and micro-finishing a great variety of parts.


The table can have a continuous or indexed rotation with the working heads mounted on the chassis. The work piece spindles may either be driven by independent motors or all together at the same time. The standard diameter of the table is up to 2500 mm, with capacity for up to 72 work piece spindles in continuous rotation or 12 work piece spindles indexed.

The work piece spindle rotation and the table rotation are variable and electronically controlled without steps.


The working heads are designed to be assembled on the chassis, constituting a compact installation for remote adjustment and control. They incorporate mechanisms which depend on the work to be performed and the automation level, such as oscillation, height adjustment, orientation and positioning of the buffs. The buff wear is pneumatically floating and compensated electronically. There are several versions depending on the required power and robustness.


The machine is available in dry or wet execution. Available options are as follows:

Automatic loading and unloading of parts



  • Device to turn the parts over, ready to process another side
  • Double turn of the table
  • Cam follower device¬†


Door furniture (handles, plates,...), water fittings, lamps, deburring, gears, wheels, aluminum and stainless steel cookware, automobile parts, pens, containers, cosmetic caps, etc.

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