ML-100 Z

Max material OD 108mm / 4.25 inches

Straight tube processing only

2 or 3 stations available

Quality and productivity: straight tube, multiple-station finishing up to Ø108mm.

Tube Finishing and Polishing Machine – ML100 Z – is a multi-station finishing machine for straight round tubes.

This round tube polishing machine is equipped with ML planetary system and enables faster finishing workthan single station machines.

Automatic work set-up and control of all the information about the tube finishing are done in a mobile panel

with an integrated touchscreen. Completely independent finishing stations. Final finish of the round tubes in only one go.



ML100 2Z                     
ML100 3Z
Working capacity (Ø mm) 15 - 108 15-108
No. Stations 2 3
Abrasive belt dimensions (mm) (4x) 50x940 (6x) 50x940
Abrasive belt speed (m/s) 10-25 10-25
Feeding speed (m/m) 1-5 1-5
Abrasive belts motor (kW) (2x) 3 (3x) 3
Wheel motor (kW) (2x) 1.5 (3x) 1.5
Feeding motor (kW) (3x) 0.12 (4x) 0.12
Total power (kW) 9 14
Consumption (A) 27 33
Dust extraction connection (Ømm) (2x) 80 (3x) 80
Dimensions (mm) 900x1150x1300 950x1450x1300
Weight (kg) 430 600